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Bonville Foods Pvt. Ltd. - Gujarat, INDIA

Bonville Food Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading food manufacturing unit, established in May 2014. A key part of the larger group of companies belonging to its three key directors; Mr. Amit Patel, Dr. Pankaj Vadanagara, Mr. Praveen Vadanagara.Bonville is located in Morbi region of state of Gujarat, India.

Founded with a moto of producing a health manufacturing unit, Bonville today is one of the pioneering producers of peanut butter- a food with immense health benefits. Bonville has a global presence, it has expanded its footprints across India, Australia, UAE and certain African and European countries. We at Bonville work with 100-125 employees and majority are woman, recruited from adjacent rural areas. We look forward to women empowerment and gender impartiality.

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Praveen Vadanagara Nubites
Mr. Praveen Vadanagara
[ R&D Director, Manager QC ]

Mr. Praveen Vadanagara believes that Research and Development is key to product innovation and ensures optimum leading edge quality through tireless efforts. He bridges both research and development as well as quality control with his excellent quality of being able to join the dots. Mr. Praveen ensures that insight gained from research and development is further channelized into producing leading edge quality product.

Amit Patel Nubites
Mr. Amit Patel
[ Marketing Director ]

Renowned for his expertise in public relations, Mr Amit Patel is a name to reckon with when it comes to citing a reliable source for relationship management. Be it co-ordinating the key policies related to marketing and strategy outlines or assuming the overall responsibility of designing the market research programs followed by delegating directions to the office staff, Mr.Amit is always found updated with lot of ideas for further progress.

Vadanagara Nubites
Dr. Vadanagara
[ Director of Operation ]

Given Dr. Vadanagara's expertise in pathology and with his qualification as M. D Pathology, he has been running his pathology lab successfully for many years. It is because of this achievement that he has been given the task of R&D as well as quality control management. Dr. Vadanagara is always identified with the skill of being able to apply expert knowledge in practical situations.

Nubites Vision
"To be the leading producer of healthy, nutrient and protein
rich and tasty peanut butter in the World."

THAT IS HOW IS Our Exclusivity

India holds 21% of World’s peanut production and Gujarat is the leading state of India in peanut production. Bonville has aptly chosen the location that provides best access to the raw material.

We procure peanuts directly from farmers and preserve them with best of the preservation techniques to avoid aflatoxin contamination. Our procurement team is expert and experienced and assures to get the best quality peanuts.

  • 10 tons/day Production
  • 125+ Employees
  • 9 Presence in
  • 60% Woman
  • 2 Brands